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About Virginie

Virginie Bergeron
My trainings


Magnetism by Gérard Grenet

Ancestral Native American Shamanism

by Sylvie Eliane (MicMac Tribe)

Chi Nei Tsang Belly Massage

by No and Yong (Level 1)

Soul Art by Laura Hollick (in progress)

Coaching - Coach certified "relationship professional and change practitioner" by

Paris Coaching School

Hypnosis Sajece by Camille Griselin

logo hypnose sajece.png
My story


Born in 1968 in Paris in a family of industrialists and traders, I spent my childhood in the tropics. Back in Paris for my studies, brief stint in NY and Kuwait, then I embarked on professional life in 1994. My universe for the 15 years to follow will be that of American multinationals in various financial positions, followed by a very rewarding experience as CFO for an international NGO

In 2011 I decided to consider my job differently. For 10 years now I have been a Freelance CFO and I practice my profession through Interim Management assignments. I trained in Professional Coaching (individual, groups, organization) and this dual CFO / Coach skill allows me to exercise my profession with much more impact and pleasure.

For about ten years I have also been trained in different methods of energy care and hypnosis. In the beginning it was about taking care of myself and better understanding the energies and their influence, both positive and negative, on my life. In doing so, I gradually became aware that this path was mine, that of my second part of life. It seemed obvious to me that my life mission was to help you welcome and accompany your soul. I had the chance to meet on my way extraordinary guides who trained me, each bringing his touch to my healing and to the development of my precious energetic sensations. They will recognize each other. I thank them from the bottom of my heart. I would like to point out that, like any human being, my path is in continuous evolution ...

The methods I use have in common

- To be non-intrusive (you only give me the elements you want, I don't need, unlike conventional methods, to know everything about you)

- To respect your free will

- To be concrete and pragmatic

- To use what is, here and now

- To put yourself into action in your life project

- To be global: conscious, unconscious, body memories, right brain, left brain

- To use a co-construction approach ( I am the tool, the channel, you are at the helm of your life and your goals )


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