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"I am a sacred space,
I create sacred spaces "
Virginie B.
Inner journey guide

Virginie B.
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Virginie B.

In close connection with energies since my childhood, I welcome you, listen to you and accompany you through my care. My posture consists in being convinced that you have within you the capacity to deploy your full human potential towards the objectives which are yours. My intention is to guide you on this path, respecting your rhythm, mine and that of the universe.

As a manager, the past ten years have been for me on a personal level an extraordinary inner journey, punctuated by beautiful encounters and magical moments. Travel in search of what I missed, hospitality, warmth, support, kindness, respect, trust and the creation of links. I am now ready to share with you what I know, with great humility and desire to discover your journey, your life and your desires.


Depending on the goal you set for yourself and in agreement with you, I use different methods of support and / or comfort care: magnetism, shamanic treatments, Soul Art, Chi Nei Tsang belly massage , coaching.

See you soon


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